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New Jersey, USA

About Me

About Me

passionate advocate for autism awareness and acceptance.

I am Stuti Anand, a young and driven advocate for autism awareness and acceptance. My journey in this realm began with a visit to Anita Sharma’s school for children with autism, a moment that forever changed my life. Witnessing Anita’s dedication as both a teacher and an activist profoundly inspired me. Her tireless commitment to her students, innovative teaching methods, and unwavering advocacy for autism awareness left an indelible mark on me. 

I want to

My Mission

Autism Awareness and Inclusion

Championing autism awareness, inclusion, and support. Our mission is to foster acceptance, empower individuals, and create a more inclusive world.

Raise Awareness

Spread knowledge about autism and its unique characteristics, challenges, and strengths among communities, schools, and workplaces.

Promote Inclusion

Advocate for inclusive practices in education, employment, and social settings to ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum have equal opportunities to thrive.

Empower Individuals

Provide resources, support, and mentorship programs that empower individuals with autism to build self-confidence, independence, and life skills.

Create an Inclusive World

Collaborate with stakeholders to create a society that not only accepts but celebrates neurodiversity, fostering a more inclusive and understanding world for everyone.